Not only we take care of your window, we also take care of your car’s paint too. Hamel Window Films has been the sole distributor and installer of COSMICS glass coating vehicle paint protection since 2012.

COSMICS is a revolutionary quartz glass coating product for vehicle with a high clarity and transparency crystalline film which is durable, shining and incomparable with normal vehicle paint protection products. It forms a hardened glass layer which bonds and cross links to the paint surface to provide a protective hard coating layer to your vehicle surface.

Liquid glass (silica and siloxane) is a clear and pure liquid which turns solidified when in contact with air, providing an extremely durable layer of high gloss protection that is long lasting, usually lasts more than 3 years.

This thin crystalline film increases surface thickness, hardness, exhibits self-cleaning properties and improves hydrophobicity. Dirt is easily washed off, ensuring that your car looks clean for a longer time. It preserves and enhances the newly coated vehicle surface, giving your vehicle a glossier, glassy, smoother, more shining and slicker look and feel.

With COSMICS glass coating vehicle paint protection, your car is encased in a shield of extremely durable hard glass layer resistance to corrosion, oxidation, harsh weather elements, fallout contamination and harmful UV. This is even more crucial especially in hot weather like Malaysia. It also helps to prevent and reduce future washing marring marks and requires less effort during cleaning.

Consult Hamel Window Films for more info on COSMICS glass coating vehicle paint protection and start protecting your beloved vehicle from today. Start acting today to make sure your vehicle look new everyday.