A good quality Car Solar Window Film will help you to add an additional layer of shield against the sun’s heat and radiation, screening out much of infrared radiation (45% - 99% depends on the products) and 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet light which cause fading, sunburn and eye damage. That’s how important tinting is.

Plus, it has proven that UV rays can cause serious damage to the fabrics, leather and cushions as well as increasing fading on interior car furnishing such as dashboards, seats, floor mats and stereo equipment. Hamel Car Solar Window Film helps to reduce the fading of car interior and protect fabrics by blocking up to 99% of the harmful UV.

Have you ever experienced the glaring and reflections from other vehicle strikes into your eyes that you could barely see the road? It’s not only distracting but dangerous. Hamel Car Solar Window Film does an excellent job at minimizing the annoying glare from entering your car window. Not only that, it also improves vision and safety and helps to prevent eyes strain.

Furthermore, a good tinted glass limits the vision from external to safeguard your in-car privacy. Tinting your car window can greatly reduce the heat accumulated inside your car, providing more comfort to the driver and passengers. In addition, you will utilize less air-conditional of your car to cool down your interior, hence better fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

Hamel Solar Window Film
Hamel Solar Window Film