Hamel Car Tinted Window Film

In Malaysia where the temperature is high in most days, a good tinted window can keep your vehicle cool inside, preventing the driver and passengers from direct exposure to harmful UV light. At Hamel Window Films, we give you nothing but the best window films in Malaysia – Nano Ceramic Safety Films, a first-class window film manufactured in Japan using the latest Nano Ceramic Sputter technology.

What so special about our car window film that differentiates us from our competitors are our car window film is made using the special technology of Photochromic, where the UV facing surface will turn into darkness automatically, creating an extra tinting effect for your vehicle. Rest assured that all our car window film is JPJ compliance and of high quality. In addition, the Anti-glaring feature is another special specialty of all our window film for vehicle to protect us from the risk of cataract.

Hamel Solar Window Film

If your room is facing east or west, Hamel Solar Window Film is the best solution to protect your room or office from the direct sunlight and UV light. When your room or office constantly receives direct sunlight, the room might be too bright and it will be very discomfort to stay in. Furthermore, the direct sunlight can decrease the lifetime of your room furniture and paint, not to mention the temperature in your room.

With Hamel Solar Window Film, these will no longer a hassle or problem. Not only we help you to cut down the direct exposure of sunlight into your room, when we help you to control your room temperature, you no longer need to turn on your air-conditional everyday. Indirectly we help you to cut down your utilities fee. Click here to find out more about Hamel Solar Window Film.


Hamel Security Window Film

Hamel Window Films manufacture and supply a wide range of premium security window film for commercial buildings and residential houses in Malaysia. Security feature and safety of our customers are our priority. We always recommend the most suitable security window film that fit our customers’ need the most.

A good tinted surface protects you by increasing your privacy and limits the vision from outsider into your room or building. This is even more essential in office buildings and rooms when you have a lot of important documents / meetings that shouldn’t be disclosed to everyone. One of our customers who is also a top management in a company finds our security window film super useful and safe. Click here to find out more about Hamel Security Window Film.


Hamel Security Window Film

Hamel Window Films strives to provide the best window tinting service with our professional technicians you can trust and after sales services that guarantee your satisfaction, because we understand that placing customers’ needs first is the only way to sustain our business. Find out the latest promotion that is definitely value for money and affordable.

Our head office is located at Shah Alam, and we have 2 more branches located at Setia Alam and Penang respectively. Contact us at +603-5523 1351 or +6010-649 3333, or email us at info@hamelfilm.com if you would like to find out more about our promotion or to become our business partners.

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